Bamboo Toothbrushes – hygiene goes green

The next big consumer trend looks to be bio-friendly products. Recently we commented on how retailers were set to banish plastic packaging. Some consumer brands including Bewley’s have even invented bio-degradable products. Even the humble toothbrush is going green – with bamboo toothbrushes.  There are dozens of companies selling these new earth friendly fashion statements. Quite a few are available in Ireland – see Boots or  TheLittleGreenShop.

There are some concerns as to the options for bio-degradable toothbrushes – either use pig hair = not popular amongst many or bio oil and nylon plastic (not fully bio-degradable). For most, the second option gives a good alternative to the traditional plastic handle – and ensures almost all of the toothbrush can be composted. There may also be an argument that the “air miles” involved in mail order toothbrushes could also be disastrous – burning less oil for toothbrushes, only to put it into aircraft.

In time, with economies of scale (driving down the environmental impact with bulk retailing and unit costs decreasing) it is possible to see how bamboo may eventually replace plastic.


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