Down2Earth Materials brings sustainability to cater-ware

Considering “greener” practices in sourcing? Is your supplier cost-effective, able to supply a full range and based in Ireland, hence governed by relevant consumer safety regulations? This is often the point many purchasers realise it may just be too much hassle and go back to buying from an established supplier – regardless of whether they save the world or not 🙁

Down2Earth Materials is a nice bridge for such problems – an Irish company, providing products for use in the food and drink industry that are approved, safe to use and fully sustainable. Down2Earth work alongside VEGWARE, arguably one of the most innovative manufacturers in sustainable caterware. The Cork based Down2Earth provide almost anything in cater-ware your company could need (whether you are a cater or a purchasing manager responsible for kitchenette supplies). Some innovative products include these cool palm leaf plates and bowls and these bio plastic forks that completely biodegrade.

From Down2Earth’s website:

In 2008, Southern Tapes & Packaging began offering a small selection of compostable catering disposables to the eco-conscious food producers and market traders in Cork. These customers, delighted with having compostable packaging options, asked if there could be more products added to this compostable range…. Down2Earth Materials was born!

In 2009, Down2Earth Materials was officially formed by Southern Tapes & Packaging in partnership with Vegware in the UK. With hard work and dedication by everyone at STP, Down2Earth Materials has evolved into an award-winning, fully functioning department within STP that offers Ireland’s largest range of certified compostable foodservice packaging to over 400 food businesses in Ireland.

As suppliers of sustainable packaging, we base our business, not just on the products we supply, but on the people that we supply them to. We work with a wide variety of people and business types, from market traders to event planners to large organisations. No matter the scale of operations, we strive to meet all their varying needs in a friendly and efficient manner


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